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Financial Freedom

Financial Independence, more than just a Dream.

So, the obvious question is How?

You have likely heard the old saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

What about achieving Financial Independence? You are probably thinking of all of the steps the financial gurus have toted over the years that help them reach this lofty goal.

1 Set financial goals
2 Stop spending more than you make
3 Save, Save, Save
4 Make more Money
5 Invest
6 Downsize
7 Work on the side
8 Start your own business
9 Get a financial advisor
10 Buy a whole life insurance policy and make extra payments
11 Marry someone all ready financial independent
12 My favorite “rob a bank”, repeatedly until such goal has been reached
13 The list goes on and on

Yes, these are very good suggestions but none of these are or is the end game.

How do you get there, then? Here is the obvious answers and my favorite.

Discipline - any endeavor takes discipline which takes persistence and consistency.
Stop spending your future - every time you spend, you weaken the ability to take control of your future.
Start Saving - this is the key to taking back the goose that laid the golden egg.
Develop multiple streams of income - learn a trade, work part time, try MLM, invent something, make money from your hobby, start a website, write a book, explore your options.
FUND YOUR OWN BANK - this is what you do with the extra money you will find and save.
Seek Knowledge and Wisdom - it will take knowledge and wisdom to stay on track.

We may not have been taught anything about FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, in fact, we were taught the opposite of that; FINANCIAL DEPENDENCY.

If I have done my job right some things should really stand out in this post. Do you see them? There is one very important thing the majority of us have not been taught.

In the above list you have heard over and over you may even have taken class on some of the items spoken of, but most likely you were not taught how to FUND YOUR OWN BANK.

Yet, this is one of the oldest ways known to the financial industry and it has worked for many financially stable people. So, why are you not using it to enhance your financial future.

If you pay attention to the events playing out on the world scene, then you know the old rules do not apply, or do they?

Before I answer this question:

There are a few steps you should take. Even if you do not do this I will answer the Question.

1 Stop Spending for 1 month. Can you do that? (Pay your regular bills.)
2 During that month write down all the things you would buy if you spent that money.
3 Write down (if you can remember) what you spent that money on last month.
4 Evaluate Your List
5 Refer to step 1

The answer!
The same rules still apply.

Your parents may have not taught you about the Stock market, Mutual funds, 401k’s, IRA’s, MLM, or securing your financial future. To tell you the truth, my Dad told me to get a job, work hard, and take care of your family.


1 Set Goals
2 Prioritize Goals
3 Initiate Plan
4 Review and Update
5 Financial Independence

Meditate on the next three statements.

Solomon asked for knowledge and wisdom, he got rich.

Chance favors the prepared!

What do you want to be when you grow-up?


No you did not miss anything, I just thought I would throw some thought provoking comments that I have heard over the years into the spaghetti sauce. Wanted to make sure I did not forget anything.

So let's bring this back to the beginning of this conversation. At the outset I mentioned that Financial Independence begins with one step. It is true you could probably take anyone of the steps mention here and see some major changes in your financial outlook, if you practice all of the steps mentioned you will surely become financially free of all monetary worries. That is why the next statement is so shocking and will probably send you into a tumultuous tirade.

None of the above information is possible unless you take the first step to Financial Independence.

What? Why did I waste my time reading this lousy post if it did not reveal what I need to become Financially Independent?

That is not the question you should be asking.

The real question is…
Why the majority will never achieve this status?

Get the Special Report 1 Step to Financial Independence and join me on this journey. Unlike other reports, books, study courses on the internet or in the late night infomercials on this topic, this report will cost you nothing. Just for laughs click the red button below.

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