Ever Tangled With Lightning

Ever Tangled With Lightning

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The Monster and the Machine on Youtube
The Monster and the Machine on Youtube


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If you have not read Ever Caught A Rabbit In A Cornfield, it has been included as a bonus story in Every Tangled With Lightning.
If you have read this book, than you have been waiting for the followup to this lighthearted, adventurous, funny story.

Part memoir, part biography, lot's of humor, touching and very imaginative storytelling for all ages. The imagination knows no limitations For children this is especially true. If you ever look at a child at play and wonder. What is really going through their minds? If you could see this process you would be astonished. This would be both amazing and frightful. It would be liberating and yet captivating.

Ever Tangled With Lightning gives you a glimpse into one young child's world. It is amazing he actually lived through it. It is amazing that he survived that overly imaginative imagination, so that he could tell you this story.


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Preview Ever Tangled With Lightning
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Ever Caught a Rabbit in a Cornfield, will make you ask. Is this the authors imagination? Or, is this story real? I cannot tell you, but I will tell you, that the following will happen to you while reading this book. ecariac bar 5