Your Dreams and Financial Freedom

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Your Dreams and Financial Freedom

Part 1

If you are like most people, you do not equate your dreams to having or achieving financial freedom.

If you were honest with yourself, you have likely given up on your dreams, and you probably do not even consider being financially free.

Still, surprisingly there is another group who do not dream at all, let alone consider the wild notion of never having to worry about money, bills, debt, housing, food, or the next paycheck.

Consider this, a vast majority of the world is less than poor. I am not talking about not having or being able to afford a new car, a better home, or the latest gadget. I am portending to you that these people do not have enough to eat, or a fresh water supply, and some no home to call their own.

So, in light of the latter group's condition, why should your dreams even matter? After all, you have a job, you do not worry about the next meal, except for what will it be. After work, you will get in your car, complain about the traffic, arrive at your home and the lights will turn on, the tv will provide the right amount of background noise until your favorite show comes on, and you will have a satisfying meal to top it all off, Bon Appetite.

So why do your dreams matter? Because deep down in you are still not satisfied, and every day that goes by is another reminder to you that there is more to life than your bosses insane ideas and his bosses' bottom line.

When you turn on your tv, you see people living their dreams and living a life you can only dream of, to put it metaphorically.

You want more out of life, we all want more out of life. If this is the case, then why do we settle for less?

Is the poor destined or fated to be poor, and are you destined or fated to settle for a middle class to slightly better living conditions?

Finish this sentence. Dreams are what __________ is made of.

If you said life, I would ask you whose dreams, and whose life?

Are you living someone else's dreams someone else's life?

When I was old enough to get a job, this was the age of twelve. I was told to get a job, work hard, and take care of your family.

Good advice right.

I use to think so, but now I wish I was encouraged to follow, chase, reach out for, and achieve my dreams. Perhaps I would not have waited so long to do so.

I remember one time I had a boss tell me "to dream is to live a fairytale, but life has a way of snapping you back to reality." This conversation started with the fact that he wanted me to work overtime, ( I was a cabinet maker, and for a seventeen-year-old, just out of school that would not be a bad career choice ) but I had a part-time job delivering pizza's so that I could chase after my dream. One job paid my bills the other paid for music theory, classical piano and world history courses at the local community college. So, when I explained to him that I had a prior engagement and that I could not be late for my second job, he took offense to my reasoning.

The next words out of his mouth were "do you want to be a successful cabinet maker or a pizza delivery boy."

That's when I said, "I have bigger dreams."

He knew what I dreamed about; I had discussed it with him on many occasions and, on many of those occasions, he would remind me of how dreams are fairy tales and life will always bring me back to reality.

Many people in your life will make the word dream sound like a bad word or taking steps to chase a dream could be detrimental.

The expression dream is not wrong, and to chase after your dream is not harmful, but doing nothing about your dreams can cost you to live a nightmare scenario over and over until you choose to break the cycle.

I recently read an email that used the word unemployable. Usually, this happens when you reach a certain age or have a disability that changes the type of work you use to do.

However, the person who sent me the email used it, to describe his condition after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book is quite the eye-opener.

In 2014 I had to undergo back surgery which changed a significant aspect of my life. For six months to a year after the surgery, I was unable to perform the job that I had done for ten years. Although I tried the surgeon was correct, I would not be able to return to that job until I had fully healed and my body had adjusted to my new condition and height, pun intended.

This condition or disability did not make me unemployable, and my company found me a new job while I healed, albeit the new position was for considerably less pay and some of my benefits were no longer available to me, which further burdened my families financial outcome.

I told you the above story not to make you feel sorry for me because out of that story and those unfortunate events my first novel was completed, and my third book was written and published. Oh, did I mention that I had one of my songs recorded and performed by a very talented artist?

When I completed these long sought after dreams, that's when it happened. I became unemployable. I had tasted the success of finally reaching out for and achieving something that I had dreamed since I was fourteen.

I wanted more than a job, more than a nice car and nice house, more than a good meal. I want to achieve financial freedom by doing what I love.

Over the years I have fought for my dreams, just to lose sight of them, over and over again.

The obstacles are grand the diversions were many, but the taste of success is sweet.

I have now published two more books this year and look to release another song beginning of next year.

The thing about catching up to your dreams is they will lead you down the rabbit hole.

When I was fourteen, I had never thought to make my dreams a career I just wanted to do it. Now that I have done it, now I want to become known for my works of art.

I want to sell one million or more copies of a book. I want to have my songs downloaded a million times or more.

I Want It All Sample on SoundCloud. Hope to release this song this year.

Even with that sort of success, the ultimate dream is to help others do the same.

I have always wanted to be a teacher, to liberate the young and old minds alike.

Today's technology makes this all the more attainable, all we have to do is reach out.

What good is a book without a reader what good is a song without someone to listen to it? What good is a teacher if there is no one to teach?

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Financial Freedom

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