We Are gods

Espionage Mystery Intrigue
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Espionage intrigue mystery. The digital age has changed the relative positions of Government, Big Business and us.
For years we have been told where to buy our food, what to wear, where to work, how to save for our future, what health programs are good for us, even how to live.
Now that is about to change.
How can the theft of a laptop cause a system of corruption, greed, and power to be changed for ever. It starts here.
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Cloak and Dagger, Espionage, Intrigue 

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We Are gods

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When Government and Big Business assume their positions to lord it over mankind.

These entities need to remember that all humans have an inherent god complex. In fact these words were spoken by a very influential person “you are gods.” Those who choose to lord it over others need to remember mankind's inherent right to their own godship.

As mankind realizes that their godship has slowly been stripped away from them, there will be consequences. The restless part of society, the part that speaks out for those less fortunate, wether as an individual or as a group will lash out. Sometimes their anger may not be exposed as violent, it may even be disguised, cloaked, or take the form of a covert operation, or corporate espionage, and other times it will be very chaotic and violent.

The governments of the world’s that have past saw firsthand such outbreaks. Ask yourself where is mighty Egypt, do you recall the influential Babylonian Dynasty, how about the stealthy and merciless Media Persia, does anybody even remember the long standing Dominance of Assyria, or the great and powerful domination of Greece, how about the All Conquering Roman Empire and even today the Dual World Powers of modern times are shaken and made unstable, by the human spirit that yearns to be free, to exercise their own godship over their own private domain?

With each passing world, man and women alike have achieved more supposed freedom than those who have come before them. However they will discover that they have lost their true inheritance.

Though the story being fictitious, and the events therein are not based on any reality, that I am aware of, it will move you, it will cause you to stand up and exclaim, “I am free and it is my God Given right to choose my own designation.” You will be motivated to do something about the injustice’s that are all around you.

You will wake up tomorrow to the dawn of a new era. Perhaps you will exclaim We Are gods.

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