The Dream Button

Introducing The Dream Button


The Dream Button... Now Activated... If you play the game and follow the clues eventually you will have the code. If you figure it out, why not send an email to

The first 100 people to email us the code, will be entered into a drawing. Official rules. We promise to make it worth your time. In fact we are starting with a $100 gift card.

Dream button has been activated. If you are looking for a relative easy game that rewards 1in100 with a $100 gift card, look no further and to make it more interesting for the month of September all who play will have a chance to win $1000 in cash. 

All you have to do is Find, Touch, Follow and Solve the Dream Button.

Please see Official Rules!

Is this real? Is this too good to be True? Why would you do this?

Yes, No, Traffic.

Besides bad, good, great content, traffic makes the internet go around.

However on the internet, there are so many people via for your attention, and there are many ways to get your attention.

You can pay for it by means of advertisements, you can leave tags or comments on other peoples blogs or sites or you can become famous or  infamous.

We have chosen to give money away.

That's it, that is the reasoning for the greasoning. Okay I made that word up but you get the point.

Hint #1: It is like a scavenger hunt!

This is an advertisement, to promote the book, We Are gods! The Novel now available on Amazon- Kindle and Paperback. In the mean time Dream A Big Dream.

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