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"Where can a guy get a drink and find some night life in this town?"

"It's a little early for drinks and freaks isn't it? Besides why would you be looking for that in a grocery store? If that was a pickup line it is a sorry excuse for an imagination."

"Okay, tell me what you would consider a good pickup line."

"You have the most beautiful blue eyes, when I look into them I see nothing but clear skies."

"That might have worked except you do not have blue eyes."

"Exactly so go and practice your craft on another damsel in distress."

"Wow, I know we are standing in the cold food section,"...

"Take a hint, and go practice your standup routine on someone who likes a comedian and a joker."

"At least help me with my career. Show me where I can find the nearest club, so I can get a few laughs."

"I am sure with your magnetic personality you should be able to attract someone or something more kin to your species."

“Sounds like I need to add some sweet to your sour, have a pleasant evening.”

While he walked away he took one last look, certain that his prey was in some way interested in him.

Looking down at his cart and taking inventory, he concluded that he had everything he had come for.

Making his way to the checkout line he could not shake the feeling that someone was watching him. He could not help but to whisper to himself, "The shoe is on the other foot."

He decided to play it cool and keep his composure, trying to catch the culprits reflection in the window, "Are you in for a long night,” speaking to the cashier.

"No, quitting time is only a few hours away, then it will be a White Zinfandel night."

Watching the digital display as the total continued to rise in value while keeping constant vigilance of his surroundings, he continued to make small talk. "Will you be having your Zin by yourself or is there a significant other?"

"I see you are still practicing your trade."

"Are you looking for some company?" The cashier decided to play along although she knew the handsome stranger was just being friendly.

Turning to his heckler, he asked. “Yes, so, you are ready to hear my spiel now? Have you had a change of heart? Or are you just stalking me?"

"I see you found yourself a blue-eyed surprise," the heckler continued.

Turning back to the cashier he looked into the cashier's eyes. "Very perceptive, Watson,” while looking quickly over his right shoulder and then back to the cashier. “You have the bluest eyes and all I can see is clear skies."

"You had me at Zin, so where is the party." The cashier was certainly flattered.

"Don't forget beautiful, Casanova." The heckler chimed in.

"I will be back for my finally performance tomorrow night." While handing the cashier cash to settle his balance.

“No, I don’t think so, I already had the repeat performance. Still not impressed." The heckler appeared not to be at all interested.

“Well, doll face, I am impressed. Please come again." The cashier could not take her eyes off of the man cake.

"I could grow on you, you really do not know what you are missing." As he rolled his cart out of the door.

Later that evening… continue to The Bluest Eyes

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Kissing a Hermit Crab

When someone is telling you a funny, sad, personal story. You may hear  words but if somewhere in the story, you do not start visualizing what is being said. You truly will have lost the real reason the story was being told.


The next time you or someone close to you tell a story, express their deep inner feelings, converse with you on their future endeavors, look into their eyes and try to see with your minds eye what they are saying.

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