Strengthen your Memory with this Aid

Strengthen your Memory with this Aid

See this Memory Aid In Action
See this Memory Aid In Action

Memory is the ability to recall names, faces, sounds, places, times and events, actions, lists, abilities and so much more. The preceding recall examples helps us to answer the following questions who? what? when? how? where?

For centuries humans have looked for ways to Strengthen, Increase, Intensify, Expand their Memory or the ability to recall important or not so important stored memories.

With this list you will be able to Super Charge your ability to recall practically anything.

For Centuries, since ancient times this memory technique has been practiced and used to perform super feats of memory to astound onlookers and large audiences.

Other applications of this technique has been to help with the memory of names, phone numbers, answers for that stomach twisting examine, grocery list, card counting, and the list goes on.

It is a very simple tool to develop.

Make a list from 1 to 20.

Pick an image to represent each number and then animate it.

That’s it, if you do this you are on your way to increasing your memory at least by twenty times.

Pencil One

Sink Two

Three Ring Circus Three

Racetrack Four

Star Five

Six Shooter Six

Dice Seven

Hour Glass Eight

Baseball Nine

Fingers Ten

I have provide here in this video a list of animated images from 1 to 10.


I thank you will get the idea, and then you can complete 11 to 20.

11 A floating Goal Post that moves every time the kicker tries to kick a field goal.
12 A dozen of Eggs having a wild party where one or more cannot hold their yolk.
13 13 Bee’s dressed like teenagers sucking on a honeycomb.
14 A Mountain of 14 carat gems gold, diamonds, rubies and you are the pirate that discovered them.
15 You just picked up your paycheck but you are frustrated because of tax time it disappears.
16 You just got your drivers license and a brand new Midnight Blue Porsche Carrera GT.
17 A stack of the popular magazine seventeen and you are on the front cover.
18 You have to register for the draft but you do not want to go to war your alternative is to become a draft dodger so you dress up in a soldier uniform and protest.
19 You have your expensive set of golf clubs and you are on the nineteenth hole poised to become the Masters Champion.
20 2 Huge Chocolate Glazed Donuts and the best part is you got them free because you are a policeman. But they are running from you because you have threatened them with your trusty cup of coffee.

After you have familiarized yourself with this list, then it will be time to put it in action by adding items, dates, names, places, faces, phone numbers, events, directions, etc. to each number and animated picture.

Just For Fun: Get a deck of cards and take twenty different cards from the deck and try to recall the exact order from one to twenty. Try this without the Memory List. If you were able to speed through and recall all twenty then you have a great memory and this technique will increase it by twenty times. If on the other hand you were unable to get through the first three. Now try and use the Memory List adding a funny scene to the picture and number starting with one.

If you were really animated, this time you should have recalled all twenty cards in their exact order.

You will notice a total difference in your ability to recall practically anything.

Also, remember you do not have to stop with just one list you can create multiple list.

See this Memory Aid In Action
See this Memory Aid In Action