Steps to Starting an Online Business

10 Steps to Starting  an Online Business

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Why start an Online Business?

Is it because someone suggested it to you as an easy way to make some extra money?

Maybe you heard about the latest internet sensation, where someone started selling a specific toy or other novelty and was able to quit their day job.

Just perhaps you are starting to believe all of the internet hype about having an online business, working form home, ditching the nine to five, firing your boss.

You have heard the headlines, Millions Now are Making Millions Online with this simple technique. Ok the last one was an exaggeration, but it does not stop the internet gurus from touting that misconception.

Whatever your reason for wanting to start a business online, make sure you know whats involved before stepping out onto the ledge, and jumping in.

Most people are seeking to be free form the day to day drudgery called work, and perhaps are seeking to do something more than build someone else dream.

The ultimate goal sometime before retirement for all of us is to look back and say I made a difference, let me go and enjoy my Financial Freedom.

Whether we achieve that goal earlier in life or sometime down the road ultimately it rest with you.

Your Financial Freedom Starts With You

Your main goal for wanting to start a business online is to do what you love.

I will throw the second goal in just in case you do not have a second goal.

Financial Freedom or Financial Independence either denotes not having to worry any longer about having enough money at the end of the Month, Year or Life, and for those who really want to live a simple life enough money at the end of the bills. We could also say becoming independently wealthy.

So, now that we have our priorities straight, let’s ask the obvious question.                          Continue Reading Below

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Can starting an online business help me to achieve these two goals?

Do What You Love
Become Financially Free

The answer is yes, many have done exactly that. Now your personal definition for doing what you love is up to you as well as becoming financially free.


I just read about a couple who moved deep in the woods, their home is a modest cabin, which is mostly operated with natural resources. To them, they are doing what they love, and they have achieved financial freedom.

I have also been told about a single person who has paid off all of their student debt, and personal debt. And now makes a comfortable salary of $1500 dollars a month.

You are probably saying stop the presses fifteen hundred dollars a month, that will not even start my car and get me to work for a whole month.

Before the wheels of disbelief start turning, let me finish this short example.

His rent is $575 a month, all utilities are paid except electricity which runs about $130.00 a month. There is only an internet bill of $59.00 a month. The grocery bill is $200 a month which includes eating out occasionally. And there is a modest entertainment and miscellaneous budget included in the monthly bills. There was no mention of an insurance payment, so we would have to believe it is nominal.

If you total the outgoing cash, it equals $964.00 + Misc. + Insurance + Savings + Taxes. The salary again is $1500 a month. There is a surplus of $536 - Misc - Insurance - Savings - Taxes.

Believe it or not this person considers himself to be financially free.

As you can see from the above examples your idea of being financially free is really a matter of perception.

The point is you can become financially free by doing what you love and the internet could be a catalyst to this personal status.

This brings us to the 10 Steps to Starting an Online Business.

Step 1

Don’t quit your day job, well not just yet.

You may be at your wits end with your job and looking for a reason to leave.

Some of the internet advertisement will have you thinking that you can start your business today and quit your job tomorrow.

Especially with the claims of making thousands of dollars a week or more, and being able to quit their day job, thus firing their boss. Although there are a few success stories floating around about individuals doing just that, it would be irresponsible for anyone to leave the impression that by starting a business online that this will bring you instant wealth.

Unless your site gets thousands of visitors daily, and your product is selling like hotcakes, which would mean you have the golden ticket. Starting an online business can be and for the most part a very satisfying endeavor, but will take patience on your part before it turns the kind of profits that will allow you to quit your day job.

Does that mean you should not even bother?

Try this, hold out both of your hands, now ask yourself. What is in the palm of my hands? The answer is nothing.

So if you have nothing and you do nothing, nothing is what you will get.

I know this sounds obvious, but how many people do you know that tell you about their dreams of starting a business? They speak of it on multiple occasions practically everyday or maybe just have a dream of leaving their job to do something they really love to do.

The sad part is they never do it.

The results: NOTHING!

So even though starting your online business may take some time to grow. At least you are moving in a very positive direction.

Step 2

Do Not Pay for advice on how to start an online business.

I promise you that this is a very important step, the internet is teaming with self promoted educational systems costing you a monthly fee of $9.99 to $299.99 or greater. Or you will see for a one time fee of $119.00 you will get everything you need to start your own internet business.

Please do not give your hard earned money to any of these sites whether legitimate or not.

You can find an extensive amount of advice, course after course book after book, for profit that is toted throughout the internet, The same courses and books can be found, online for free.

Just think about this. If the lawn guy shows up and offers you advice on what type of mower you should use, what type of gas to put in it, what type of flowers to plant in your garden, how to layout your patio stones. And then holds out his hand and says that will be $299.00, will you pay for that advice.

Well, I hope you would not. In fact you are expecting him to cut the grass and if his mower needs gas he had better supply the gas. If he does not have the flowers already, he had better be planning to make a second trip. Also I should hope he got a very good deal on those patio stones.

It would be ridiculous to pay someone to just give advice about cutting your lawn. Just as it is ridiculous for someone to expect payment for giving out free advice.

For $9.99 a month you had better be offering me some type of advertisement, web tool, or writing an article for my website or blog, or free traffic to my site; and do not even ask me what you should be doing for $299.00 a month.

With that being said, if they are offering a service like SEO or website optimization, advertisement perks, setting up your blog or website, hosting your blog or website, writing articles for your blog or website, driving traffic to your blog or website. Then I would gladly pay the standard rate for such services.

If they offer you a guarantee on your investment, then by all means settle accounts and get it in writing.


For $9.99 a month I will guarantee that you will make that back in sales from your site every month.

If they offer that guarantee then count me in, please sign me up and sign on the dotted line.

It is alarming how many websites are offering advice and training on how to setup or start an online business with no guarantee that you will make a return on your investment. I am sorry please sell your snake oil to someone else.

I am not that sick, or that sick of my job.

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