Should You Pay for Financial Advice

Where should you turn for financial advice?

Hey your neighbor drives a Hummer and his wife drives a Mercedes, maybe they know a little bit about financial matters. Continue Reading Below----->

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Financial Freedom

Kissing a Hermit Crab

Should You Pay for Financial Advice by Arthur S. Newman

Where do you turn for financial advice?

Hey your neighbor drives a Hummer and his wife drives a Mercedes, maybe they know a little bit about financial matters.

Your friend always picks up the restaurant and bar tab, he always has cash on him and he flashes those credit cards around with no care in the world. Surely he knows a thing or two about the financial nuts and bolts of money. Speaking of nuts and bolts. How about your mechanic?

Who do you turn to for financial advice, and should you pay for it?

Whether you choose to hire a financial professional or you choose to read the latest greatest secret about financial freedom.

Please heed the following caution.

Beware of the financial gurus trying to separate you and your hard earned money.


There is plenty of free advice that will get you where you want to go without you having to give a months worth of salary to get there.

Save your money or invest your money, but please do not give it to these shysters.

Be afraid be very afraid.

Who should you be weary of.

Rule of thumb if they are asking you for money for their advice, books, seminars, audio recordings, website subscriptions, etc etc etc… run Forest run.

Yes, it is true most of these gurus are already rich and have “helped a lot of individuals.” So why do they still peddle their wares?

Greed - “A lover of silver will never be satisfied with silver, nor a lover of wealth with income. This too is futility.”

If you already have enough money to live three lifetimes, why bilk those less fortunate then you. Especially if you are using religion as part of your spill.

Note to the Financial Gurus:
If you have chosen to save every person suffering from financial woes whether self inflicted or by unforeseen occurrences do it on your dime and not on their penny.

If you have read any of my articles, or posts you know I have never asked for a dollar for the advice I give.

I am more than happy to help you live the dream of Financial Freedom and you can keep your money and I am willing to pay you to help me spread the message.

As I have said before, if you don’t make money, I don’t make money. I will never stoop so low as to ask you to pay for advice that should be free.

So how do I make money? By selling my novels, advertisements, and promotions, I also tutor people in my home town on electronic and digital devices.

I hope someday to be able to travel and help others achieve Financial Freedom, but I have just gotten started on my own journey.

That is why my story is so different from most individuals who have already met this milestone, most of the time the financial gurus both legitimate and not so legitimate are already rich, so all of a sudden they are ready to sell their method “Their Secret.”

They sell you on how life was so difficult, how they lost their job, or they were tired of the rat race or some other financial stress and somehow, magically the numbers all fell in place. They figured out the holy grail of financial aptitude, and now they are willing to sell their “Secret” to you.

It would have been great if they had told their story as they were getting started.

That is what I aim to do, you get to follow me on my journey to financial freedom and I hope along the way others will join me for this fruitful ride.

The question that you are burning to ask me.

What makes you qualified to help others?

I am not qualified to help you save, invest, spend, or waist your money, no more than all those money grubbing experts that are just waiting for you to enter your credit card number.

Filthy Rich to Dirt Poor for Posting

However the principles are the same for everyone.

Go to work and work hard.
Get your paycheck.
Pay yourself first, by having a savings account.
Do Not overspend for anything, I repeat do not spend unless it is really necessary.
Pay your bills.
If you have debt, start a plan to eliminate it.
Pick an investment or financial vehicle that will grow your money.
When the time is right claim your Financial Independence.

If you want to accelerate the process get a part time job, or start your own business.

If you think these steps are incorrect, go ahead buy the next financial book that has been released, and compare it to the one that you bought ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years ago.

Tell me if the advice has changed at all.

The only ingredient that is missing is your desire to make it happen.

I am told that people like list so here is a list I put together a few years ago.
These are all of the suggestions that have been stated in a multitude of books and guides on Financial Freedom.

Again the only real ingredient missing in the above list is your desire to make it happen.

Well known steps to Financial Freedom

If you change your desire you will achieve Financial Freedom you will become Financially Free.

Best of all you do not need a self made guru to teach you this.


Live the financial freedom dream?

Not long ago I quit my Job to pursue a writing career, I have financed this endeavor by using a financing principle I learned a few years ago.

However I have not been able to secure a publishing deal with a Major Publisher.

I decided not to let that stop me, there are plenty of opportunities in the indie publishing community so I decided to self publish my books. During this process I learned that there are really two main ways to self publish.

Do it yourself or Done for you, and that there was a lot of misconceptions about the process as to how to self publish and how much money it would take.

Then I realized with all of the confusion and misinformation, it is possible that others may want to get published, but were being turned away by the distortion and static from the internet.

That really is a shame, because writing and pursuing your dreams is a path to financial freedom.----->


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If you are not in the buying mood, and new to this site, I have provided links to my free works of Art below.

We hope you Laugh, Cry, Sing, Imagine, Create and be moved to tell others, but most of all DREAM.

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