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Peace and Security At Last

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Outside the streets were cluttered with people demanding that the rich and powerful be dealt with accordingly.

There were many slogans that covered handmade signs. Some read, No Justice No Tax, others read No Peace for the Rich and Powerful, and still others read We The People.

This same scene was the same around the united states and around the world.

The rumors also were rampant on the street that the murder of Tyson Berger was a cover up, and that he could not have been allowed to go to trial to answer for his crimes.

The chants were clear “how much did you know.”

“Tyson Berger was a pawn.”

“Our corrupt government must go.”

Even though most of the members of the government were new, this did not satisfy the hunger for justice.

The news camera’s from every vestige of the media recorded every minute of every event outside the nations capital. The same was repeated around the world.
"Peace is no friend of mankind and Security ye shall never find."

"You will search for me on the mountain top and the valley below, but I will remain concealed, to you my face I will not show."


Man has tried everything and every form of government to achieve this illustrious fable, but to no avail. Peace and Security has continued to elude the human race. Until Now!

It has been years in the making and waiting. Even the crafting of it was in the open for all to see, but still its foundation was hidden. This will be mankind's last hope for Peace and Security.

There are many special interest groups and organizations that are striving to make a difference in the world, but only one has the power to do so. This organization does not have fund raising balls, you will not find its boxes on counters or in stores asking for donations. You will not find them on television holding telethons, it does not solicit the famous or fortunate to join it.

You will never  see its image or logo and it does not promote itself, because it operates in the shadows. It has one goal and that goal is not to rule the world.

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