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The Goose that laid the Golden Eggs
Play Money Bags for chance to Win $100

Money Bags Coming Soon July 1st 2017 Get Ready To Play! The money bags are hiding in plain view through out this site find ten money bags then email the codes to Privacy Policy

Money Bags

Money Bag Rules

The money bags could move daily.

You must note the codes attached to the money bags, and then email the codes of all ten money bags to Privacy Policy

$100 dollars will be awarded to 1 individual out 100 entries. This means the odds are 1 in 100.

You will be notified of the winner, when we have reached 100 entries.

If you are a winner, be kind tell others about this site. Even if you are not a winner you should tell others about this site, the reasons should be obvious.

We have made it easy to find the first money bag, click the money bag above to get started.

More rules Here if you really like this rules stuff.

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