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I Am Nate, Chapter 1 The Hacker

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"I feel the need to apologize to all of those whom I have violated by my invasive activities. I have been eaves dropping on a large number of electronic devices such as your computer, your tablets, and your phones. I am now greatly shamed by my activities. You see, I considered myself to be an intelligent hacker. Little did I think about the consequences of my actions. Now I understand that I have taken away one of the most valuable possessions we as humans have, our right to privacy. I will be deleting all conversations that I have recorded. Please accept my humble apologies."

"Now I must warn you of a threat much greater than what I have engaged in over the last several months. Life as you know it will change. You will wake up one morning, and you will no longer have control of your persons. The aforementioned is sure to happen. You cannot escape this. No one will be immune from this. Your only hope is the cure that you will inevitably seek."

"Because my time is short I am compelled to share with you the only recorded conversations that I will not delete. Please understand that what you hear is not a joke. The following recordings, I obtained utilizing a software bug that I planted on a computer two months ago, once again my sincerest apologies for my cyber crimes."

"I am providing a transcript of the conversations to ensure an accurate depiction of what each party is saying so that there is no misunderstanding as to the discussion."

"There is nothing more for me to say, I will let the recordings speak for themselves, here goes."

I Am Nate, What Is The Question?

I Am Nate, What Is The Question?

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The question is not what, but who?

When you find the answer to who the next question is.

Are You ready to change your life or do you desire to continue living the same as the day before.

I can only offer you a better life. You have to choose it.

The experiment is simple, just exract the DNA from your chosen subject or multiple subjects. Rewrite the code apply it to a new cell made of microbiology and nanotechnology. The perfect marriage of microbiology and Moore's Law.

Scientist have been genetically engineering our food, fruit, animals, and other plant life. You can bet they have even tested this science or technology on humans.

Now it is time to take the next step, and Robert Mckenzie has discovered the glue that will make it stick.

Can he engineer a better person or a sinister monster?

Why if the computer models are correct if the simulations are accurate the need to do a number two will be drastically reduced. If you know what I mean.

All joking aside we can eliminate eighty percent of the bodies biological waste. These are just small benefits of what this technology could do. I am suggesting that we can reprogram the human body. I am talking about perfecting the human body. We could perform at peak operating condition.

What about the mind, what would be the effect on the mind? Could mental illnesses be eliminated?

Nothing is impossible. Mental illness would be wiped out.

Every drug every cure has side effects, what about this, you mentioned earlier about reprogramming the body, what about reprogramming the mind, that sounds like mind control.

Yes, the computer modules did suggest mind control is possible, but that is not the intended purpose, and (pause) if I may speak to the side affects, the computer modules appear to show none.

Let's talk about money and time, how much do you need to make this a reality?

With the right funding, I would say within two months, we could be ready for the first trials.

It is time for a new hero, not someone who swoops in and saves the day but someone who can not only help you today but change you for every tomorrow that comes.

I can only offer you a better life. You have to choose it.

I Am Nate

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I Am Nate

I Am Nate
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I can only offer you a better life. You have to choose it.

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Can we engineer a better human or a sinister monster?