Financial Independence I Want It All

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Financial Independence I Want It All

Financial Independence I Want It All.

"Artie, You want to go for a ride?" My grandfather asked.

He had a big smile on his face as he looked out of the driver side window down at me. Then he opened the door.

I did not think about the question. I did not ask, where are we going.? I did not even say let me go and tell my mother. I just jumped up and stepped into the truck and crawled over his lap.

We were about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

I felt like a big shot, just my grandfather and me.

He asked me, "Where do you want to go?"

I shrugged my shoulders.

He said, "Let's go to Orange County."

There I was not a care in the world, just as content as a child could be. Imagine how I felt when we got to Orange County.

"You can have anything you want." His offer was quite generous.

For a child, this is a wondrous proposition. I thought to myself anything.

If I knew then what I know now I would have said, "I Want It All."

I ended up with a plywood airplane, the kind that has a rubber band attached to it as the motor, you wind it up and let it go and watch it fly. I also got a paddle and ball, some candy and some ice cream.

To me, that was the captain's wage.

When we got back to my grandparents home, I would show off my priceless gifts to my brothers and sisters and told them about my journey.

Life was so simple back then when you compare it to now.

Now let's bring you back from my journey down memory lane.

What if someone told me today, "You can have anything you want."

What if someone offered you the same enticing offer.

Think, the genie in the bottle, three wishes.

Genie In The Bottle -

Would not the wheels of disbelief start to turn? Would you not start thinking what is the catch? You would probably quickly dismiss the offer and proceed to distance yourself from the nut job rapidly.

"I am not interested," is the usual response.

Hypothetically speaking, just to satisfy my curiosity what would your answer be. Leave a comment.

Mine would be, "I Want It All."

And yet we settle for a job and a little money when truthfully anything we want is an option.

I get it. It is an equation taught from our youth right through high school and college.

Job equals money, but not financial independence, and for a certainty not "anything you want."

That's just absurd to think that you can have anything your heart desires.

However, consider the alternative, working until you are 67 and beyond for most of us. Why does money not equal freedom, financial independence or what my grandfather offered me, anything I want?

Of course the statement "anything I want" is relative. Even so, whatever your heart desires is way more than the reality you currently experience.

Some of you are not ready for the experience that is financial independence if that is you do not worry. There is something you can do now to prepare for that freedom in the future.

If you are not ready for financial independence, why not start replacing your income today.

What do I mean?

You are going to work every day to offset your living expenses, and we hope that what you make equals your cost of living.

So the equation is, work equals living expenses or cost of living.

Like most people though, you are working for things you do not need, or you are living beyond your means, and everyone knows this type of living will eventually catch up with you.

Either way, both conditions can be replaced with a little determination. Hence replacing your income or offsetting what is taking your hard earned money.

Or, if you want to continue living the same lifestyle, and you just cannot see yourself giving up that latte', or the fancy car, or the big mansion in the sky, then you will eventually have to replace your income by creating another source of income.

The cold equation is your job will likely not let you have all that your heart desires not without the consequences of given all that you already have. Your life.

Working til death, whoever said work never hurt or killed anyone.

So, you either cut your expenses or increase your income.

If you want it all, whatever it is, and do not want another job, you must create another source of income.

There are multiple vehicles you can use to do this, purchase and resale used cars, real estate, or day trading. These are high dollar ways of replacing your current income. You will need to take some classes and read some books, maybe order some online courses.

I know, you are thinking, "Who has time for that?"

Those are my thoughts exactly.

The Money Book

I propose you do something you have always wanted to do.

If you are here because financial freedom is your soul desire and you are looking for the shortcut answer, I have bad news. I do not have the answer for that.

If on the other hand, if you need help getting started, I believe I can help.

Start with the question. What have I always wanted to do? Or What have I always dreamed of doing?

Once you have your answer, I will show you how to turn it into an alternate source of revenue, a digital income using the digital tools we now have at our disposal.

That is my offer. I will show you how to use the digital software and hardware that powers the media revolution that has liberated so many from the thought and life of having to work for someone else the rest their lives or until retirement and beyond.

Caution: I am not offering you "anything you want." You will have to continue to seek that on your own.

Here is the sweetener that seals the deal, the sugar and cream to the coffee, the honey to the comb, the frosting to the flakes, you do not need any money.

So what is the catch, I Help you, in return, You help me.

Email me @

Below you will find what I always dreamed of doing, and how I am making it a reality.

I Want It All - Music

I Want It All Youtube Video

I Want It All is a little country, a little pop and a whole lot of feeling.

We all dream of better conditions from a personal view and a world view.

Read More about I Want It All here.

I Am Nate - Book 1 Volume 1

I Am Nate

The experiment is simple, just exract the DNA from your chosen subject or multiple subjects. Rewrite the code apply it to a new cell made of microbiology and nanotechnology. The perfect marriage of microbiology and Moore's Law.

Scientist have been genetically engineering our food, fruit, animals, and other plant life. You can bet they have even tested this science or technology on humans.

Now it is time to take the next step, and Robert Mckenzie has discovered the glue that will make it stick.

Can he engineer a better person or a sinister monster? SLEEP WALKERS

Innocence and Dreams - Music

You can hear the full song while listening to the narrated story, just click the play button for each part below.

Of course purchasing the song and telling others will help the song grow in popularity.

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Peace and Security - The Novel 

Peace and Security

What if you were to wake up tomorrow and war is no more completely obliterated?

What if the world's militaries refused to fight for corrupt rulers?

What if our problems are no more, settled by ambassadors instead of kings, presidents, dictators, politicians?

What if Peace and Security had an answer?

One organization believes they have the answer. They have been working out the parameters of this for decades, and now they are ready to bring their plan to fruition. They have the resources, the financial holdings, the power and the global support and the might of powerful individuals. PEACE ANYONE

Ever Tangled With Lightning - Book

Ever Tangled With Lightning

You may live once but the many experiences life has to offer are yours to cherish and preserve or abhor and despise.

The imagination however will push you to explore both ends of the spectrum. You just have to survive.

EXHILARATION or CALAMITY the imagination conjures both.

Read Ever Tangled With Lightning and charge your imagination.

We Are gods - The Novel

We Are gods
Espionage intrigue mystery. The digital age has changed the relative positions of Government, Big Business and us, You and I.
For years we have been told where to buy our food, what to wear, where to work, how to save for our future, what health programs are good for us, even how to live.
Now, in our time, that is about to change.
How can the theft of a laptop cause a system of corruption, greed, and power to be changed for ever.  It starts here. Read We Are gods! eBook or Paperback.
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1 Step To Financial Independence short video series on youtube.

1 Step To Financial Independence Against The Clock


1 Step To Financial Independence Against The Clock



1 Step To Financial Independence The Elephant In The room


1 Step To Financial Independence The Elephant In The room



1 Step To Financial Independence A Field Of Carrots


1 Step To Financial Independence A Field Of Carrots



1 Step To Financial Independence And Your $168 Paycheck


1 Step To Financial Independence And Your $168 Paycheck



1 Step To Financial Independence A Distant Planet Far Away


1 Step To Financial Independence A Distant Planet Far Away



1 Step To Financial Independence A 2x4 Right Between the Eyes


1 Step To Financial Independence A 2x4 Right Between the Eyes



Get the eBook 1 Step To Financial Independence
Available on
Available @ 1-Step-To-Financial-Independence

When you have finished reading this book, and decide to start the journey, but need help, you are not alone, if you need help send me an email.


The biggest thing you should take away from this eBook is you do not have to do it alone. We have been groomed to believe that we need to work out our own financial problems. But big business and big government know that there is strength in numbers. - 1 Step to Financial Independence

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Why only $4.99 cent? Four Dollars and Ninety-Nine cents is a little more than the price of a cup of coffe or a cheap burger meal deal. Which means you will have to make one cup of coffee at home one day and pack a lunch one day. But if you are serious about your financial health and are looking to make a positive change in your life. The information to help you do so should not send you to the bank to get a loan. And if you would like to see how you can make that money back and put $5 in your pocket email us @

1 Step To Financial Independence

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The Bluest Eyes Mind Travel Case Study 2

The Bluest Eyes youtube video

If you have been curious about an online business, but do not have a plan or a clue. Perhaps it is the cost of getting started that makes you a little tepid.

Above are five steps or keys  you can use to get started. See if you can go from no money to start making a little money online. The best part, you pay nothing, learn to earn.

No Money No Money No Money Youtube

See if it really is possible to go from saying "I got no money, no money, no money," to making money online.

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If you are looking for  an easier, less hands on way of making an income online. Watch the video An Online Income Is Possible to see how to get started.

If you are here to be entertained welcome, continue scrolling.


Go Hard Monday Through Wednesday and coast the rest of the week.

Innocence and Dreams banner

The Hero 3

SamanthasSecret white

Please browse my site and see the possibilities, leave a comment, buy a book, and help me take off to the next level. I have chosen my book Ever Tangled With Lightning to be my leading work. I hope you enjoy and remember what it was like before life changed our perception of the world.

The Monster and the Machine on Youtube
The Monster and the Machine on Youtube


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Financial Freedom

Kissing a Hermit Crab

When someone is telling you a funny, sad, personal story. You may hear  words but if somewhere in the story, you do not start visualizing what is being said. You truly will have lost the real reason the story was being told.


The next time you or someone close to you tell a story, express their deep inner feelings, converse with you on their future endeavors, look into their eyes and try to see with your minds eye what they are saying.

Filthy Rich to Dirt Poor for Posting

What about you, if you are striving to achieve financial freedom, want to by a new car, looking to purchase a your first house, start a business, become the vice president of your company. Your words need to be backed up by your vision.

Well known steps to Financial Freedom

If you can see what you truly desire, if you see the vision before anyone else, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

The old statement "set your mind to it" or "the minds eye" should now have a visual connotation accompanying it.


Live the financial freedom dream?

Not long ago I quit my Job to pursue a writing career, I have financed this endeavor by using a financing principle I learned a few years ago.

However I have not been able to secure a publishing deal with a Major Publisher.

I decided not to let that stop me, there are plenty of opportunities in the indie publishing community so I decided to self publish my books. During this process I learned that there are really two main ways to self publish. Continue Reading Below...

"Beware of the one proclaiming peace
Often you will find that one waging war
Though the words are soothing and calm
The actions of such a person are revealing" Peace and Security a Novel

Peace and Security a Novel Youtube

Do it yourself or Done for you, and that there was a lot of misconceptions about the process as to how to self publish and how much money it would take.

Then I realized with all of the confusion and misinformation, it is possible that others may want to get published, but were being turned away by the distortion and static from the internet.

That really is a shame, because writing and pursuing your dreams is a path to financial freedom.----->


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But, if you insist on buying one of my books the links are below.

If you are not in the buying mood, and new to this site, I have provided links to my free works of Art below.

We hope you Laugh, Cry, Sing, Imagine, Create and be moved to tell others, but most of all DREAM.

The Two Indians and The Rich Land Baron

From Filthy Rich to Dirt Poor

The Presidents and the Forbidden Fruit 2

Published Author

Ever Tangled With Lightning9
Ever Tangled With Lightning Click for Sample

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A select group of Rich Individuals own the Federal Reserve!

The pursuit of money will enslave you to the Rat Race!

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Espionage intrigue mystery.

The digital age has changed the relative positions of Government, Big Business and us.

For years we have been told where to buy our food, what to wear, where to work, how to save for our future, what health programs are good for us, even how to live.

Now that is about to change.

How can the theft of a laptop cause a system of corruption, greed, and power to be changed for ever. It starts here.
Read We Are gods! eBook or Paperback.


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