Arthur S. Newman is a published Author and Songwriter. He is actively developing a production business to produce and promote his talent as well as others. Here you get to sample his Demos, that he had recorded in Nashville, and in Personal Studio's. He intends to continue to grow his library of 40 plus songs and have them recorded, however his main goal is to get talented singers and performers to perform and record them. You can also find these demos on So if you would like to help his songs gain popularity, please click the link and listen to them.

  1. This Country Boys Step-N Out Tonight - on
  2. Whats Love Like - on
  3. Girl Looks Good - on
  4. Innocence and Dreams - see this site for details.
  5. I Want It All - to be released, enjoy the sample.
  6. Just Be Friends - to be released, enjoy the sample.
  7. Coming Soon
  8. Country Boy Anthem - on
  9. It Ain't Real Though - on
  10. Innocence and Dreams The Story

Bonus: The song that inspired Goldkiller Productions Inc. which later became Gold Records Productions Inc.

Gold Killer by Arthur (amateur recording) can you hear your favorite rap star singing this song.

Yes there is a video.

iincmm gold killer by arthur

Gold Killer by Arthur youtube video

Gold Records Productions Inc. is please to present to you the first single released for download. Innocence and Dreams performed by Alex Ivy. The link below (just click or touch the picture) will take you to a narrated story about the song, also you can hear the powerful vocals of Alex Ivy. You can purchase the song on Google Play Music, iTunes, and CD Baby.

Innocence and Dreams
Innocence and Dreams


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