5 Life Altering Technologies Responsible for Making Trillions

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Financial Freedom

5 Life Altering Technologies Responsible for Making Trillions by Arthur S. Newman

What do you think here to stay or raring to go?

Social Media

We all can still hear the faint sound of You Got Mail which has gone the way of the Mars Rover at least one of the Rovers and the CB radio.

Now thanks to social media we like, tweet, chat, post, pin, and now Go.


Need a loan, no where to turn but the local bank, or credit card, and if you were really desperate payday loans could see you through until your next paycheck.

Thanks Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme, and other crowdfunding sites too numerous to list. We are no longer at the mercy of those loan sharks.

Tablet PC’s

Oh the excitement of watching cellphones (Oh yeah at some point in the past they were called Car Phones) get smaller and smaller, even better I had the internet in my pocket, well almost.

I just wish I could see the screen when watching my favorite videos. Your wish is my command, whether you have a fetish for iOS or Android, maybe you still clean your Windows, there is a tablet for all you're viewing pleasures.

Streaming Audio Video Data

Does anyone remember the Sony Walkman music in the palm of your hand, how about Blockbuster Video, Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery, Video World, etc… At least the home computer and cable tv is safe, right?

No, we cannot completely cut the cord on computing and cable just yet, but we have come pretty close. We can stream just about anything and after we figure out 3D printing. Just imagine what’s next. “Beam Me Up, Scotty”


She chirp, He chirp, We chirp,
I chirp, You chirp, They chirp,
Be chirp Be chirp a lu She chirp

Ok maybe I went overboard with those lyrics, thinks Cyndi, and I admit it, I really did enjoy my Nextel. Can someone tell me why Motorola and Nokia could not recapture the Glory Days.

Man I just can’t put this thing down, it does not matter whether eating, drinking, driving, working, sleeping and pooping. It is always there waiting for me to touch it.


What does any of this have to do with financial freedom and your independence from the proverbial rat race?

What if you were at the beginning or start of each of these life altering technologies?

There is nothing new under the sun, it’s all been done before, just a different way to present it.

Think about it, the list above all represent one common theme Communication which is as old as time and creation.

“Let there be light.”

I have been told that my writing for the most part is deep and thought provoking, and I would say that is a fair and true assessment, at least I strive to make the reader pause and reflect.

However this article was meant to be light and airy, I hope you never stop chasing your dreams.

Speaking of dreams did I mention that the Dream Button is now active and free to play. The best part 1 person out of 100 will win a $100 gift card of their choice. No Purchase Necessary.

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We hope you Laugh, Cry, Sing, Imagine, Create and be moved to tell others, but most of all DREAM.

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