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Samantha's Secret Mind Travel Case Study 1                                           By Arthur S. Newman

As the young woman entered the Doctor’s office, she was frantic. As she bypassed those who had been waiting and entered into the Doctor’s private office, she was followed by the nurse.

“I need to talk to somebody,” she spoke with a passion.

“Ma’am, you cannot just rush in here. You have to sign the log and wait for the Doctor in the waiting room,” the nurse looked irritated.

The Doctor held his hand up, “It is okay, Monica, I will take care of this.” He spoke with a soothing bedside manner.

“There is someone following me, I just know it, but when I look around I do not see anyone,” she spoke in a hurried manner.

“Tell me, is he there now? Do you see this person right now?” The Doctor questioned the nervous women.

She was shaking and distraught and unable to calm down.

“Do you drink coffee, soda or tea?” The Doctor asked.

“No, he is not there right now, but for the majority of the day he is right around the corner, sometimes right over my shoulder,” she spoke frantically.

“Have you seen any other doctors about this?” He was mildly intrigued.

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Espionage intrigue mystery. The digital age has changed the relative positions of Government, Big Business and us.
For years we have been told where to buy our food, what to wear, where to work, how to save for our future, what health programs are good for us, even how to live.
Now that is about to change.
How can the theft of a laptop cause a system of corruption, greed, and power to be changed for ever. It starts here.
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