1 Step To Financial Independence

1 Step To Financial Independence

All you will ever need to achieve Freedom

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You have been duped, deceived, tricked, hoodwinked, a victim of a hoax, swindled, defrauded, cheated, double-crossed; gulled, mislead, taking in, fooled, inveigled; informally conned, ripped off, diddled, shafted, bilked, rooked, the wool has been pulled over your eyes, someone pulled a fast one on you, you’ve been suckered, snookered, and you should be really mad.
We decided to open this report like this, to get your blood boiling, to reach the seat of your motivation, or seed of your motivation.

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Do You See Yourself Here

The pictures above can symbolize a number of things, it does not necessarily picture our view of financial independence. The first picture, you may think that the person has made it he has a boat and a dock, there's a hammock blowing in the wind. This person has really done well for himself. Now look at the picture again, what if he is still paying on that boat, hence symbolizing the debt he carriers and the hammock is empty, so this person has no time for leisure. The dock belongs to the bank, and they gladly except payment every month for it.

Ok let’s look at it again, the boat could actually symbolize the freedom one has when he sets off on a day long adventure on the wide open waters, with nothing to get in your way, no traffic lights, no stop signs, no other cars to hinder your path of travel, the hammock really tells you that if you want you can just stay on dry land, just lay back and enjoy the sunset, and the dock is a symbol of stability, a place to return to when you are finished galavanting about over the many waters you transgress.

The second photo could have many meanings as well, what if you did not have a boat, and your destination is the other side of that large body of water. Are you standing on the edge of insanity, because you know in your current location, you will never reach the other side?

That brings us to the third photo, no doubt this should conjure up, or cause you to remember, when life was carefree no worries in the world before life took hold and dashed your dreams to pieces, and now the sun is setting on your dreams.

One last thought on these photos, perhaps you are on vacation and these photos represent a life you dream about when the work is done and you have finished running the rat race and settled into a life of retirement.

How did we get ourselves locked into this current state of affairs? Financial independence is a distant planet, a planet 99 percent of us will never visit. In a galaxy far away, in a solar system still expanding and growing out of our reach.

Or is it? Is this just a facade? Something we have been lead to believe, the truest result of Pavlov’s theory. Are we just elephants, with immense strength and power tied to a tiny insignificant infinitesimal stick stuck in four inches of ground?

Financial Independence defined, the state of having sufficient wealth or monies to live, without having to work continuously for life’s basic needs shelter, food, water, and a little fun. A financially independent person no longer toils for life’s essentials, they have accumulated enough assets to support these necessities for the rest of his or her life. Anything you wish to add to this definition would be in excess of the basic needs.

With the definition so simply defined, why do we wish to add so much more to it, when asked. What does it mean to us?
“This means, I can buy anything I want”
“I can buy all of the electronic gadgets ever made”
“My wife and I can travel the world, live life to the full”
“I can quit my job and fire my boss and never work again”
Feel free to add your own thoughts, go ahead, we got time.
However, the definition above is the actual financial definition in its simplest terms. When you read the definition, it would seem that a great majority of people should have achieved this financial milestone. So, what happened? Why are we wishing, hoping, praying, that our 401k’s, our pensions, or even Social Security will bail us out?

The real question is…
Why will the majority never achieve this status?

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