1 Step To Financial Independence

1 Step To Financial Independence

All you will ever need to achieve Freedom

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You have been duped, deceived, tricked, hoodwinked, a victim of a hoax, swindled, defrauded, cheated, double-crossed; gulled, mislead, taking in, fooled, inveigled; informally conned, ripped off, diddled, shafted, bilked, rooked, the wool has been pulled over your eyes, someone pulled a fast one on you, you’ve been suckered, snookered, and you should be really mad.
We decided to open this report like this, to get your blood boiling, to reach the seat of your motivation, or seed of your motivation.

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Do You See Yourself Here

Do you see yourself in the cover photo?

The pictures in the cover photo can symbolize a certain quality of life, the circumstances of which could spell fortune for one and misfortune for another.

What they do not necessarily picture is our view of financial independence.

The first image, you may think or believe that the person has made it they have a boat and a dock, there's a hammock blowing in the wind. This person has certainly done well for themselves.

Now look at the picture again, what if they are still paying on that boat, hence symbolizing the debt they now carry and the hammock is empty, so this person has no time for leisure. The dock belongs to the bank, and they gladly accept payment every month for it.

Ok let’s look at it one more time, the boat could symbolize the freedom one has when he sets off on a day-long adventure on the vast open waters. With nothing to get in your way, no traffic lights, no stop signs, no other cars to hinder your path of travel. The hammock tells you that if you want, you can just stay on dry land, just lay back and enjoy the sunset. The dock is a symbol of stability, a place to return to when you are finished galavanting about over the many oceans you transgress.

Do You See Yourself

The second photo could have many meanings as well, what if you did not have a boat, and your destination is the other side of that large body of water. Are you standing on the edge of insanity, because you know in your current location, you will never reach the other side?

That brings us to the third photo, no doubt this should conjure up, or cause you to remem- ber when life was carefree no worries in the world before realization took hold and dashed your dreams to pieces, and now the sun is setting on your aspirations.

One last thought on these photos, perhaps you are on vacation. These images represent a life you dream about when your working years are over, and you have finished running the rat race. When you settle into a life of retirement, but wait it is just a vacation you will still have to return to that miserable job when the seven days are up.

How did we get ourselves locked into this current state of affairs? Financial independence is a distant planet, a planet 99 percent of us will never visit. In a galaxy far away, in a solar system still expanding and growing out of our reach.

Financial Independence a distant planet?

Or is it? Is this just a facade? Something we have been lead to believe, the truest result of Pavlov’s theory. Are we just elephants, with immense strength and power tied to a tiny insignificant infinitesimal stick stuck in four inches of ground?

Immense Strength and Power vs Insignificant Infinitesimal Stick and Four Inches Ground

Financial Independence defined, the state of having sufficient wealth or monies to live, without having to work continuously for life’s basic needs shelter, food, water, and a little fun. A financially independent person no longer toils for life’s essentials, they have accumulated enough assets to support these necessities for the rest of his or her life. Anything you wish to add to this definition would be in excess of the basic needs.

Why do the government think jobs are so important when they talk about the economy?

The number one statistic is the jobless or unemployment rate.

Are we conditioned, when the employer rings the bell, we come running? We cannot wait to go to work, pay bills, go to work pay bills. Maybe have a fleeting moment of happiness, and then back to work, pay bills an endless cycle until we can no longer fulfill our obligation.

When The Bell Rings

The workforce is created of wage earners, trading time for money. So, at some point, the money earned should buy back some of that time.

Why are we wishing, hoping, praying, that our 401k’s, our pensions, or even Social Security will bail us out?

Let me emphasize that this discussion is not just about money. This book is about how money makes you think, how your boss makes you think, how you're schooling or education makes you think, how your government makes you think. What do you think too much thinking? The editor is going crazy right about now.

Consider the proverbial donkey or mule being led by one carrot, when there is a field of carrots on the other side of the fence.

Do you ever get the Carrot? Why not choose the field?

There are at minimum 12 steps you can take to achieve this illustrious fable. Just one of these steps if applied should help you obtain Financial Independence.

1  Set financial goals
2  Stop spending more than you make
3  Save, Save, Save
4  Make More Money
5  Invest
6  Downsize
7  Work on the side
8  Start your own business
9  Get a financial advisor
10  Buy a whole life insurance policy and make extra payments
11  Marry someone already financial independent
12  My favorite “rob a bank,” repeatedly until you reach said goal
13  The list goes on and on

Yes, these are excellent suggestions, but none of these are or is the end game.

If the above steps worked, you know you have tried at least two or three of them. Why are you not financially independent?

Some of you have been working on this for years, start, stop, ( car breaks down ). Start again, stop, ( medical emergency ). Go, stop, ( stock market crash, yeah, yeah, yeah, ride it out, that works ). Start again, stop, ( your house needs major repairs ) start and stop and the vicious cycle goes on and on.

So, what is wrong?

What is the one step you must take then?

1 Step To Financial Independence

Food for thought, Money is not the goal here, more money alone, will not bring you financial independence. Money is the culprit, without money humankind would be free. Money was designed to enslave us keep us locked into a system with little or no gratitude and meniscal rewards.

We all receive a 168 dollar paycheck every week. How do you spend yours? Ok, it is not dollars, but we live in a world where we trade time for money. So in reality, for now, we receive a 168 dollar paycheck. So, again, I ask. How are you spending yours? What time-wasting activities consume your life? Maybe you are borrowing from the time you should be sleeping. Or, are you of the mindset you only live once, so I will sleep when I die.

Maybe you have two or three jobs, just to make ends meet. Just remember being balance in our use of time is the desired result. How did you spend your paycheck last week?

168 Dollar PayCheck A Week How Do You Spend Yours?

The Point is we all have the same amount of time.

So how come only a small number of people have mastered the holy grail the ultimate status of financial security?

Perhaps there is not enough wealth to go around. Maybe there can be only one recipient of this gold medal.

For the rest of us, it is just a dream. Financial independence is a distant planet, a planet 99 percent of us will never visit. In a galaxy far away, in a solar system still expanding and growing out of our reach.

Can you taste the fruit of your labors now? Or, do you have to wait and see? Waiting until you are 67 to retire, just to find out you do not have enough money.

By the way who said you had to wait until 67. (Wink, Wink still think it’s your decision)?

Do you have to wait to enjoy a life of freedom from work, work, work only to have such a little to show for it at the end of the week, month, year?

You want to ask me the following question.

If 12 Steps cannot get me there, how can 1 Step possibly make a difference?

You have likely heard the old saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Let’s just say before you can get on the train and arrive at your destination. You have to get a ticket.

Of course, after you learn the 1 Step, it is the hope of the author that you continue exploring the rest of the book.

This book will show you a way to fast track your journey by starting an online business. It will further explore the steps necessary to get you started.

You will also be privy to a Powerful Financial Principle that could speed up the process even more.

Although Financial Independence is not for everyone, for some of us all it takes is a little push for others we need to be hit by a two by four right between the eyes.

Hit Between They Eyes By A Two By Four

Your choice, you can settle for the push now, or get the two by four later.

Get the eBook 1 Step To Financial Independence

1 Step To Financial Independence

When you have finished reading this book, and decide to start the journey, but need help, you are not alone, if you need assistance send me an email.

The real question is…
Why will the majority never achieve this status?

Get the eBook 1 Step to Financial Independence and join me on this journey. Unlike other reports, books, study courses on the internet or in the late night infomercials on this topic, this report will cost you only $4.99 cent.

1 Step To Financial Independence
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